The ships highlight is the Wheelhouse. A raised Wheelhouse dominates the ships superstructure, giving a perfect view of the surroundings through the large windows, the bridge wings, and of of course the closed circuit TV Camera for manovering in close quarters.

Bristling with all the below described navigational equipment, a huge Wheel and an impressive magnetic compass the Wheelhouse is the central commanding place of the Ship. It also offers access to the engine room, which is below the battery room that is below the Wheelhouse.

Behind the Wheelhouse is the perfectly situated outside table, the ships central meeting place for all kinds of eating, such as breakfast or dinner, as well comfy place to rest ones legs, read a book or watch the sea.

As it is under cover, neither sun nor rain can prevent the use of this perfect place.


Exactly below is the crew cabin, storage room and compressors, the ship features 2 compressors to allow a quick refill of the 16 steel scuba tanks she features as one of the highlights in her repertoire of leisure activities.

All kinds of water sports, snorkeling, swimming and so on can be done directly off the ship, utilizing the big, deep ladder, or, like water ski, with the optional 120HP Tender.