Short Facts:

Build by Burmeister Werften Germany in 1951

Model: custom build, Boat type: antique classical

LOA: 27m

Engine: twin diesel, 2x 220 HP Deutz

hull: wood on steel

location: Red Sea



Because of health issues of the owner we sell our two-masted motorsailer.

The ship is a classical beauty, built in 1951 by Burmeister in Bremerhaven, Germany as a representational Yacht for an UK-Based Bank.

Since then its life was eventful. She has been upgraded constantly, the one major upgrade was from single Engine to Double Engine. As she is able to go transatlantic on her won keel she has prowled the US-Coasts, the Caribbean, the Med and now the Red Sea.

Her classic lines set her apart from every other Yacht around her, she has not the sleek lines of  a modern racer but the sturdy, reliable lines of a ship build for bad weather and high seas. Originally built for the Atlantic ocean around Englands shores her high bow lets her handle waves very well.